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Chad is a typical African country meaning it is landlocked and is mostly dry land. However, the country is named after Lake Chad which is the largest body of water in the state and second in the whole of Africa. With a lot of flat dry area, Chadians have a lot of football ground to play with. This is why a lot of their youth grow up admiring their national soccer players.

Their most notable players include Abdoulay Karateka, Nambatingue Tokomon and Ndoram Japhet. Another sport that has captured the hearts of Chadians is basketball.

They love contact sports which is a great way for them to focus their energy into something positive. It is not surprising that they also perform well in various sports that require a certain amount of strength and contact like boxing, wrestling and other martial arts. They are also doing quite well in athletics with long and high jumps in particular.

Sports personalities are quite big in Chad which is quite apparent in the fact that their sport stadiums are named after their most well-known athletes. Chadians have joined the ultimate sport stage, the Olympic Games, between 1964 and 1972. They skipped two Olympic Summer Games they staged a comeback in the 1984 Games. Chadian athletes are yet to bring home the bacon though.

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