Central African Republic at the Olympics

The Central African Republic's national Olympic Committee (Comité National Olympique et Sportif Centrafricain ) was established in 1961 and was recognized in 1965. The country was first represented in the Summer Olympic Games in 1968 when runner Gabriel M'Boa ran the men's 5,000 meters in Mexico City, Mexico. He was the only athlete that had represented the Central African Republic in the 1968 Summer Games.

The Central African Republic missed the next three Summer Games and came back only in 1984 when they sent runner Adolphe Ambowodo and boxers Dieudonné Kossi (Men's Lightweight) and Antoine Longoudé (Men's Welterweight) to Los Angeles, California, USA.

From that point on, the Central African Republic has been represented in every Summer Games. They are yet to win a single Olympic medal though. As a matter of fact, the best rank that the Central African Republic has ever had was a 10th place finish for their men's basketball team coached by Joseph Marcel Bimale in the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea. They defeated the Egyptian national team in the classification match but lost to the host team (South Korea) leaving them at 10th place.

As normally observed with most of the African countries, the Central African Republic has never participated in the Winter Games.


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