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Sport in Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) is landlocked state and much like most African countries, it has seen a lot of turmoil and conflict but what just like a lot of the African nations, it has a big heart when it comes to sports, football in particular.

Football / Soccer is the most popular pastime among the youth in most of the CAR. As a matter of fact, even the small villages have a makeshift football field and most establishments like schools and even churches sponsor a team either for girls or boys and, for the most part, both. Basketball, rugby, boxing and athletics are also quite popular.

Some of the more famous names in the sports scene include the national team players Foxi Kethevoama and Boris Sandjo. Aymad Bosse Beranger and Mireille Derebona-Ngaisset are also making a name for the country in Track and Field.

The CAR first joined the Olympic Games in 1968 but skipped the following olympiads until they took on the 1984 Summer Games and they have been attending ever since. Although their athletes have been improving, they are yet to bring home an Olympic medal. As with most African countries, they have never sent any representative in the Winter Olympic Games.

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