Angola at the Olympics

Angola is one of the largest countries in Africa. As with many African nations, it has had its own share of conflicts and this has also affected how they have performed in the Olympics. Angola first participated in the Summer Olympics in 1980 by sending eleven athletes to Moscow, Russia. As with most first-timers, they did not get to take home a medal.

Angola also missed the next Summer Games, held in the United States of America (Los Angeles, California). After that though, they are yet to miss a single Summer Games.

As expected with many African countries, Angola has never participated in the Winter Games, mainly because they do not have the facilities and resources to properly train any athlete that could represent them in said Games.

The strongest event for Angola in the Summer Games is athletics, mainly running sports. They are however yet to take home an Olympic medal. Their most decorated athlete though is João Baptista N'Tyamba who has competed in many World Championships. He also holds the national record for 800 meters, 1,000 meters, 1,500 meters, 3,000 meters, 10,000 meters and marathon. N'Tyamba also became the very first Angolan runner to compete in six Olympics when he represented the country in the 2008 Summer Games in Beijing, China.


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