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Angola is one of the fastest growing countries in Africa in terms of their economy and sports.

Angola have a lot of ethnic groups in the country but one sport that brings them together is capoeria. This is a form of martial arts that looks more like a dance. It was brought to the country by Angolan slaves that were brought to Brazil. It is a traditional sport that is very popular among people as a means of expressing themselves and to vent out their aggression.

The most popular sport in Angola is football with a lot of very good athletes from playing for various European and Asian countries due mainly to the economical status of Angolan teams. Igor Vetokele (Charlton Athletic of England) and Dolly Menga (FC Lierse of Belgium) are two of the most notable football players from Angola. Angola was actually one of only four sub-Saharan African countries that plays in the FIFA World Cup finals.

Basketball is also very popular in Angola. In 2004, the Angola men's national basketball team performed quite well in African championships and even participated in 2004 at the Olympics held in Athens.

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