Last in the Melbourne Cup

In many sweepstakes (sweeps) for the annual Melbourne Cup horse race, there is a consolation prize for the holder of the horse that comes last in the race. Here are the known last place getters in the Melbourne Cup for the last few years. Not much is known about the finishing order from races earlier than that. I have found that in 1878 Firebell (owned by W.S. Cox) finished last. See also the winners of the Melbourne Cup.

Year Last notes
2017 Gallante finished last by 99 lengths.
2016 Rose of Virginia Finished last by an 99 lengths, with some minor "internal bleeding" after getting a knock during the race
2015 Red Cadeaux Red Cadeaux did not finish the race, and officially is listed as last. Snow Sky was the last horse to pass the post.
2014 Admire Rakti Admire Rakti was the pre-race favorite, collapsed and died after the race
2013 Verema Verema broke down at the 2000m anf failed to finish. It was put down after the race. Ruscello was the last horse past the post.
2012 Ethiopia pulled up with an injured tendon on his hip
2011 Modun pulled up short of the line after battling at the end of the field for the entire race.
2010 Descarado
2009 Warringah
2008 Honolulu
Gallopin failed to finish
2007 Tungsten Strike
2006 Zabeat
2005 Franklins Garden
2004 She's Archie
2003 Mamool
2002 Sandmason
2001 Pasta Express Curata Storm pulled up, and Hill Of Grace lost its rider
2000 Maridpour
1999 Rebbor Able Master lost its rider
1998 Second Coming

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