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The Mediterranean Games

The Mediterranean Games is a multi-sport event held every four years for nations bordering the Mediterranean Sea where the continents Europe, Africa and Asia meet. The Mediterranean Games are organized by the International Olympic Committee and the Hellenic Olympic Committee.

1963 Mediterranean Games 1963 Mediterranean Games

During the 1948 Summer Olympics, the idea of having the Mediterranean Games was proposed by the chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Muhammed Tasher Pasha. The Games were inaugurated in October 1951 and held in Alexandria, Egypt.

The first 10 Mediterranean Games took place every year preceding the Summer Olympics, but in 1993, they were changed to be held the year following the Olympics, and in 2018, moved to be in the same year.

Currently, 26 nations participate in the games - 5 from Africa, 2 from Asia and 19 from Europe. Of all the National Olympic Committees within the Olympic Movement bordering the Mediterranean Sea, only Israel is not allowed to participate in the Games. Some other countries that do not border the Mediterranean Sea also participate like Andorra, San Marino, Serbia and North Macedonia.

Host Cities

No Year Host City
21 2030 TBD
20 2026 Italy, Taranto
19 2022 Algeria, Oran
18 2018 Spain, Tarragona
17 2013 Turkey, Mersin
16 2009 Italy, Pescara
15 2005 Spain, Almería
14 2001 Tunisia, Tunis
13 1997 Italy, Bari
12 1993 France, Languedoc-Roussillon
11 1991 Greece, Athens
10 1987 Syria, Latakia
9 1983 Morocco, Casablanca
8 1979 Yugoslavia, Split
7 1975 Algeria, Algiers
6 1971 Turkey, İzmir
5 1967 Tunisia, Tunis
4 1963 Italy, Naples
3 1959 Lebanon, Beirut
2 1955 Spain, Barcelona
1 1951 Egypt, Alexandria


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