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Sport at the Vatican City

Vatican City, as the world's smallest independent state, does not typically participate in international sporting events or competitions as a separate entity.

It does not have its own national sports teams or athletes representing the Vatican in major events like the Olympics or FIFA World Cup. However, the Vatican does promote and support sports within its community, and has taken part in some smaller international events like the Mediterranean Games.

Before The Vatican will be able to participate in the Olympic Games, they will need to set up a National Olympic Committee, and also secure membership to International Federations such as World Athletics.

The Vatican has its own sports association called "Athletica Vaticana" or Vatican Athletics, which is recognized by the Italian National Olympic Committee. Vatican Athletics consists of priests, seminarians, guards, and other members of the Vatican community who participate in friendly matches, running events, and various sports activities. Their participation is often symbolic and represents the Vatican's support for the positive values of sports, such as unity, fair play, and healthy competition.

The Vatican occasionally hosts sporting events and friendly matches within its territory. These events are often organized to promote dialogue, peace, and solidarity among different religious communities or to raise awareness for charitable causes.

There is a representative men's and woman's Vatican football (soccer) team that play friendly matches and in unofficial tournaments. The Vatican City Championship is a local football tournament comprising teamsd of employees, from which the representative teams are selected. The Vatican City national football team played its first match in 1985, a 3–0 victory against a team of Austrian journalists.

While the Vatican City's involvement in international sporting events is limited, it emphasizes on the importance of sportsmanship and the positive role of sports within its community.

The sporting associations of the Vatican is made up of priests, nuns, seminarians, Swiss guards, staff and other members of the Vatican community

Tiber River, RomeThe Tiber River, where many Vatican staff go for a morning run

Popular sports and activities of The Vatican

The Vatican Sporting Success

The Vatican City Sports Trivia

The Vatican City at major events

Sporting Facilities in The Vatican

The Vatican Athletic Center, located within the Vatican City, is a small facility equipped with a jogging track and sports equipment for the use of Vatican residents. It is primarily intended for the physical fitness needs of residents and staff. The sporting facilities of Rome are also nearby and readily available if needed.

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