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Karate at the Olympics - a discontinued sport

The sport of karate was included on just one Olympic Games program, at Tokyo in 2021. It made the shortlist for inclusion in the 2028 Games, but was not on the final list. It may return in the future.

Karate at the OlympicsKarate at the Olympics

At Tokyo, there were eight gold medal events: six for the Kumite competition (3 weight categories for males and females) and two gold medals for the Kata competition (one each for males and females). There were sixty competitors competing in the Kumite competition, and twenty in the Kata competition. Both divisions were evenly split 50/50 between men and women


The karate medals were distributed fairly evenly in Tokyo. Japan finished top of the karate medal table with three medals in total, one of each. Seven other countries also won one gold medal each.

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