All-Round Competition at the Olympics

The men's all-round was a ten-sport event that was contested as a part of the Olympics in 1904. It was the only time the event was conducted in the Olympics and was replaced with the modern decathlon from the 1912 Games. Though all the ten events that were part of all-round were athletic events, the event was grouped with gymnastics during the games.

The ten legs that were part of the all-round event were, a 100 yard sprint, a 120 yard hurdle race, a one mile run, a 880 yard walk, shot put throw, hammer throw, 56 pound weight throw, high jump, long jump, and pole vault. Points were awarded to athletes based on the position each athlete finished in each competition.

Only seven athletes, two from Great Britain and five from the United States took part in the event. Tom Kiely of Great Britain won the gold medal by scoring a total of 6,036 points in all ten events. Adam Gunn of the United States took silver with 5,907 points. Truxtun Hare of the United States finished with 5,813 points to take the bronze medal.

Though the IOC has recognized the all-round event held in the 1904 Olympics as official, there are many who don't accept the validity of the event.


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