Pole Archery

Pole archery was one of the two types of archery events that were contested in the Olympics. The 1920 games was the only time the event was included in the Olympics and was then discontinued after that.

The event consisted of shooting artificial birds that were placed on cross beams suspended from a large pole. Two types of pole archery events were conducted in the 1920 Olympics, an individual event and team event. For each of the two types there were two codes of competition, small birds and large birds, depending on the size of the birds that were used as targets.

The event was contested exclusively by archers from Belgium and the medals were swept by them in all the pole archery contests. In the individual small birds event, Edmond Van Moer won the gold medal, Louis Van De Perck won the silver medal, and Joseph Hermans took the bronze medal. In the individual large birds event, Edmond Cloetens won the gold medal, Louis Van De Perck took the silver medal, and Firmin Flamand finished with the bronze medal.

In the small birds and large birds team event only the Belgian team took part and were handed the gold medal for both the events.


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