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Tickets to Birmingham Commonwealth Games

The final major release of tickets for the Birmingham Commonwealth Games was on 19 April 2022. Ticket prices started from £8 for under 16s and £15 for adults. 

Most of the available tickets were sold leading up to the Games. The most popular sports, those that sold out early included Swimming, Cycling - Mountain Biking, Cycling Time Trial, Cycling - Road Race, Gymnastics - Artistic and Triathlon & Para Triathlon.

There was an official resale platform that was open between 31 May and 4 July 2022.

Unofficial Tickets?

Any search online for 'Glasgow Commonwealth Games Tickets' will come up with many web sites selling tickets. You should only buy from the official Games website. The tickets bought through unofficial agencies or websites is prohibited under the Birmingham Commonwealth Games Act 2020, and the tickets will be invalid.

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