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About the Commissioner's Trophy

The Commissioner's Trophy is awarded each year to the winning team of the World Series of the Major League Baseball. It is presented to the owners of the winning team by the Commissioner of Baseball, hence its name. The trophy is not named after anyone in particular, unlike the Stanley Cup (NHL) and the Vince Lombardi Trophy (NFL).

Trophy Design

The first trophy, awarded in 1967, was designed by Laurance Voegele, of Owatanna, Minnesota. There have been many trophy designs since then. A new trophy is created each year, and is kept by the winning team, enabling a new trophy to be designed as desired.

The current trophy is made of sterling silver, weighing approximately 30 pounds. It is 24 inches tall (excluding the base) and 11 inches around. The trophy features 30 flags representing the 30 teams in North America's two top leagues (the National League and the American League). The flags rise above an arched silver ox baseball with latitude and longitude lines symbolizing the world. The baseball itself contains 24-karat vermeil baseball stitches and weighs over 10 pounds. The base contains an inscription and the signature of the commissioner.

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