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Collecting sporting memorabilia is a popular pastime, whether you collect objects related to sport such as pins and coins, or you collect objects that have been part of sports such as signed balls and uniforms.

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Some people collect for the thrill of the chase, for the pleasure in owning these objects, for the aesthetics of the objects or for investment and making money.

Making lots of money from you collection should not be at the forefront of your mind - collect for the enjoyment, and hopefully your collection will become valuable over time.

My collection of sporting objects includes pins, coins, old programs, books and cards, though anything related to sports are of interest. On this section of the site I have listed some information that may be of interest to the collector, as well as details of some of my collection.

A Chicago fan's memorabilia collection A Chicago fan's memorabilia collection

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Do you collect for the thrill of the chase, the pleasure in owning, for investment, or just because they look good? In sports, you can collect cards, coins, pins, medallions, stamps, toys and balls

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