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Collecting Athlete Autographs

"That one little piece of paper – at that moment it was special. The fan and the athlete came together in a special way. "
– Dodger first baseman Steve Garvey

Athlete autographs or signatures are very collectible. An athlete signature on it own can be worth something, get the athlete to sign another collectible item and its value shoots up.

It's not all about making money. For a young fan, there is no better feeling than getting an autograph from one of their favorite athletes. 

Some Valuable Signatures

Bo Jackson signing a football Bo Jackson signing a football

"Every time I sign a ball, and there must have been thousands, I thank my luck that I wasn't born Coveleski or Wambsganss or Peckinpaugh."
– Mel Ott, New York Giants player

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Collecting Extra

Do you collect for the thrill of the chase, the pleasure in owning, for investment, or just because they look good? In sports, you can collect cards, coins, pins, medallions, stamps, toys and balls

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