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Pin collecting is a popular hobby among sport collectors, particularly Olympic enthusiasts. Whether it is trading, selling or buying, there are some very enthusiastic collectors out there.

Sydney Olympic PinThe artistic designs of the pins contribute to their allure, making them miniature works of art.

Olympic pins are paticularly collectible. They are often produced in limited quantities, adding an element of rarity and value to the collectibles. They also serve as tangible pieces of history, embodying the cultural and historical aspects of the host city and country.

There is a strong community of pin colectors. Their international appeal fosters connections and friendships among collectors worldwide as they engage in pin trading. The social aspect of pin collecting enhances its popularity. The hobby involves networking and interaction through trading, both in person and online, creating a community of like-minded individuals.

The affordability and accessibility of Olympic pins, coupled with their small size for easy display, make them an attractive and enjoyable hobby for sporting collectors seeking a tangible connection to the excitement and memories of the Games.

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Do you collect for the thrill of the chase, the pleasure in owning, for investment, or just because they look good? In sports, you can collect cards, coins, pins, medallions, stamps, toys and balls

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