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Lee Trevino: Golf

Lee Buck Trevino (born December 1, 1939) was one of the other greats of the Jack Nicklaus era. He is a retired professional American golfer who won fix major championships over the course of his career. Out of four other players, he is one of them to win the US Open, The Open Championship and PGA Championship twice. During his youth, he began caddying for local players, sometimes attending school but more often working or practicing golf. He joined the US Marines when he was 17, playing golf for their team during his four years of service. It was in the 60s when he found work at golf clubs. In 1966 while working as an attendant at a club, he beat PGA star Raymond Floyd two out of three rounds in a money match.

Greatest Sporting Achievements

Although Lee Trevino’s career was interrupted by injuries suffered after he was struck by lightning during one of his games, his achievements place him among the game’s greatest. He won a total of 29 titles including six major championships – US Open (1968, 1971), British Open (1971, 1972) and PGA Championship (1974, 1984).He also became a five-team recipient of the Vardon Trophy.

In 1981, Trevino was elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame.

Why Was He So Good?

Lee Trevino is considered one of the best and most creative ball-strikers to ever play the game due to his baseball-like swing. He never had an instructor or coach. Trevino used an open stance and a strong grip. He was also remembered for his accuracy under pressure.

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