Joe Frazier: Boxing

Joseph William “Joe Frazier” (January 12, 1944 – November 7, 2011) was the world heavyweight boxing champion from February 1970 to January 1973. It was in 1960 where he entered the ring as a rough and undisciplined boxer, which caught the eye of trainer Yank Durham. He defeated several other well-known boxers including Jerry Quarry, Jimmy Ellis, Eddie Machen, Doug Jones, George Chuvalo. Joe Frazier is best remembered for his tough 14-round match against Muhammad Ali in “Thrilla in Manila” held in the Philippines.

Greatest Sporting Achievements

He was an Olympic gold medalist in 1964 and became world heavyweight boxing champion for three years. Frazer is one of the ten greatest heavyweights of all time according to the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO). The Ring ranked him the 8th greatest heavy weight and became an inductee of the International Boxing Hall of Fame and the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

Why Was He So Good?

Smokin Joe used his devastating left hook with impunity during his entire professional boxing career. he retired in 1976 with a 32-4-1 record. He was known for his determination, strength and pressure, becoming one of the most vicious machines anyone has ever seen in their lives. Frazier carried himself with dignity and courage.

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