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The Topend Sports newsletter is a quality electronic email publication sent out to subscribers approximately once a month.

Newsletter Content

The newsletters contain fresh content each publication, including discussion of current events in sport and sports science, highlights of new information on the topend sports website, and featured videos, polls and images. For examples, see past newsletters.

Author Information

The newsletter is written by Rob Wood, the creator of the Topend Sports website, who holds a PhD in exercise physiology. See more about Rob.


The newsletter currently has over 50,000 subscribers (as of November 2020) and growing consistently. Subscribers come from visitors to the Topend Sports website, which has sections on all facets of sport and science. The sections on fitness testing, training and sports nutrition are particularly popular with students, coaches, athletes, and personal trainers in the fitness and health industry seeking authoritative information.

Advertising Rates

Prices start at US$100 per newsletter. Payments are made in advance. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Advertising Conditions

Contact and Bookings

If you have any questions, or to book advert, please contact Rob Wood.

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