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The Topend Sports website is a long-standing, comprehensive, and trusted source of sports and fitness information that has been online for over 20 years. So if you have unique insights, advice, or just some tips on sports and fitness that you'd like to share, we'd love to hear from you. We welcome and regularly publish guest posts on Topend Sports that meet our editorial guidelines.

If you are looking to submit a post for possible inclusion on this website, here is some information about our conditions. These details, including the price, are not negotiable. If you are still interested after reading this, please contact Rob Wood to discuss further details.


You need to supply all the content for the article, and it must be well-written, unique and ready for publication. The article should be related to the theme of the website, usually something about sports, fitness or nutrition. Just one long advertisement would not be acceptable. The article should primarily be a valuable source of information. A link to a product or business site is acceptable if it is relevant to the article. No casino/gambling/sports betting or adult content (no exceptions). Essay lnks are OK, but I am not accepting dating site links anymore.

We ask for an article length of at least 500 words. You do not need to provide images for the article, I will source relevant images and place them appropriately within the article.

If unsure, please check the topic idea is acceptable before proceeding with submitting an article. I reserve the right to refuse content I deem to be unacceptable or inappropriate, or just not to the standard of the website. I may make edits to the post to reach an acceptable standard or to conform with these conditions or my website's style.

The article will NOT be marked as sponsored.


Only ONE external link is allowed, and it will be a DO FOLLOW link (it will not have rel="nofollow"), and the link destination should be relevant to the article content. I do not accept links to adult content, vaping, or casino/gambling/sports betting sites. Do not place links to pages on Topend Sports, I will add any relevant internal links within the article later.

No link insertions, guest posting only.


The article may be placed anywhere within my site, usually linked to from the most appropriate section by at least one other page, usually linked to by several pages. There will not be a link from the home page. The article placement is permanent. If you have a preferred placement location, let me know.

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All guest posts are subject to a once-only placement charge. There is a charge of $250 USD per post. Payments are due after the article is published and only once are happy with it. The only payment method available is via PayPal. A PayPal invoice will be sent if required (please provide the biller details). No discounts are available (please don't ask).

Other Conditions

Turnaround Time (TAT) is usually within 24 hours.

By submitting an article for inclusion, you are agreeing to the above conditions. The article may be modified to fit the conditions if required.

The link provided is expected to comply with the guidelines. If the content at the link destination is changed at a latr date so that it does not fit within the guidelines, we reserve the right to remove the link with no financial compensation.

If the payment is not made in a reasonable time-frame, the active link will be removed until payment is made. If payment is not made for any reason, the article supplied and published may remain on the site with no link.

Contact and Bookings

Before making a submission, all conditions, plus the topic and link, should be agreed upon first. Please also provide the URL that the post will be linked to for approval. If you have any questions, or to organize a post, please contact me.

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