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Sporting Highlights for 1904

In 1904 the third Olympic Games was held in St Louis, USA. President Theodore Roosevelt moved the games from Chicago to St. Louis to simultaneously occur with the World Fair. However, the games were not organized well.

The second Tour de France event was covered in controversy, with the first four place getters being disqualified. The original winner was Maurice Garin, however he was found to have caught a train for part of the event and was disqualified. The win was finally awarded to Henri Cornet.

In the US, there there was no 1904 World Series between the champions of the two Major League Baseball leagues, the Boston Americans (now Boston Red Sox) the National League's New York Giants (now San Francisco Giants), as they refused to meet.

Apart from that, year 1904 was very special for Aston Villa as they became the first club to score 1000 goals in the football league.

The first British champion in golf to break 70 in a round of 69 was Jack White.

In the world of boxing, the first boxer to win the bantamweight champion title over 20 rounds was Joe Bowker.

Below is a timeline of some significant results in the world of sport for the year 1904.

Date Results
June Golf US Open won by Willie Anderson
July the Cycling Tour de France awarded to Henri Cornet.
July Tennis Wimbledon won by Laurie Doherty and Dorothea Douglass
July Golf The Open Championship won by Jack White
July 1 - Nov 23 Olympic Games were held in St Louis, USA.
Sep Tennis US National Championship won by Holcombe Ward and May Sutton

Please note that the dates for past events are not always known, and are sometimes just placed in the month that the current event is held. If no exact date is listed, then it is just an estimated month that it was held.

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