The Greatest Olympian of All Time

This is part of the discussion on The Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time. Although Michael Phelps has often been labeled the greatest ever Olympian due to his record number of gold medals won, medal count should not be the only criteria for determining the greatest ever Olympian.

A poll of the greatest Olympian of all time was conducted on the CBC Community website in August 2012, and here are the results after 2,995 votes.

The surprising winner was Clara Hughes. Although this Canadian speed skater and cyclist Clara Hughes has a great achievement in winning medals in both the Winter and Summer Games, there is obviously some Canadian bias in the results.

Another surprsiing results was the fourth place "other". It would be interesting to know who the 'other' Olympians people voted for, as there were quite a few people who thought that there were more worthy athletes than the choices they were given.

Who is the greatest Olympian of all time?

  1. Clara Hughes 34.22% (1,025 votes)
  2. Michael Phelps 21.94% (657 votes)
  3. Jesse Owens 13.36% (400 votes)
  4. Other: 9.48% (284 votes)
  5. Carl Lewis 5.71% (171 votes)
  6. Nadia Comeneci 4.71% (141 votes)
  7. Paavo Nurmi 3.67% (110 votes)
  8. Larisa Latynina 3.27% (98 votes)
  9. Mark Spitz 2.4% (72 votes)
  10. Bjorn Daehlie 1.24% (37 votes)

Source Aug 2012


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