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The people of Zimbabwe are very keen sports fans. The government itself encourages its people to be physically active by building facilities and gyms to accommodate their sporting interests.

Sports activities in Zimbabwe include tennis, handball, golf, swimming, water skiing and hockey but soccer is by far most popular.

Zimbabwe has two professional soccer leagues, the Zimbabwe Football Association and the CBZ’s Premier League. There is also a room for the young lads to have the opportunity to compete with other youth soccer teams from around the world by joining the Youth Soccer League and Youth Olympics Squad.

The Zimbabwe athlete that is very well-known in this profession is Knowledge Musona who plays for Kaizer Chiefs as a striker. In July 2010 he was awarded the PSL Club Rookie of the Year award and he has currently scored 6 goals in the South African League.

One the biggest facility that has constructed in Zimbabwe was the National Sports Stadium. In here, football matches and rugby union matches often are conducted for it has almost 60,000 capacity. Zimbabwe is an obviously a sporty country which is why the first annual CrossFit event, a sport activity which focuses on functional, whole body exercises and cardiovascular fitness and agility, was held in Zimbabwe in July 2012.

Zimbabwe has received eight Olympic medals (up until 2014) since they first participated in 1980. Kirsty Coventry took 1 gold, silver and bronze in the 2004 Athens Olympics for swimming and gold and 3 silver for the same sport in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The other medal (gold) was from the women field hockey team that they got in 1980.

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