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Rugby football is a popular sport among Samoans, who have long played for New Zealand and Samoan national teams. Communities in Samoa sometimes play Kirikiti, which is similar to cricket but involves teams of unrestricted size; games are social as well as sporting events, with spirited cheering and singing by spectators and unlimited food and drinks provided by the host village.

Samoans and other Polynesians have used outrigger canoes since establishing their first island settlements. Most of the canoes are confined to lagoons, but many are also paddled in ocean races. Footracing, cockfighting, tiak (darts), and spear throwing are also traditional Samoan sports.

Brian Lima is a former Samoan rugby union footballer who was inducted into the IRB Hall of Fame in 2011.He earned the memorable nickname of "The Chiropractor" for his shuddering hits both on and off the pitch that supposedly rearrange the bones of the victim. According to the Samoa Observer, Lima announced that he would retire after the 2007 Rugby World Cup.

Michael Jones, the Manu Samoa coach, announced Brian Lima as the captain for the first game of that year's Pacific Nations Cup. Brian Lima has been selected to lead Samoa against Fiji. This game was one of Brian's last games on Samoan soil. Western Samoa has played in every Rugby World Cup since the 1991 Rugby World Cup. Their omission from the inaugural tournament in 1987 was controversial, as there were no qualifications.

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