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Kilikiti is sport, which is similar to cricket. It originates in Samoa. This game is the national sport of Samoa. It is also played in Tuvalu and it is gaining popularity in New Zealand.

The equipment used to play the sport is similar to that of cricket, which are:

The rules of this sport are flexible. Until recently, the sport had no official rules, numbers of players, or match duration, when the New Zealand Kilikiti Association started to codify standardized game rules. Based on new rules, one team will bat for 30 minutes, and the other team will also bat for the exact number of balls, and the team with the most runs will be declared as the winner.

There is a batting team, a fielding team, and a pitch. The game is very similar to cricket, where one team bowl and fields, while two players of the other team bats, till all the players in a team are out. The ways in which a player is declared out is same as that of cricket. The bowl is alternately played between two bowlers. In this game, there are two wicket keepers unlike in cricket there’s only one.


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