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Peruvians are quite enthusiastic about sports and they play a wide range of sports. The most sought out sports in Peru are soccer and volleyball while traditionally, they played cockfighting, bull-fighting, and racing.

The Peruvian National Football team has played in the FIFA World Cup five times, and has won two Copa America trophies.

The country also won in Women’s Volleyball. Their national team won silver medal in the 1988 Summer Olympics. Also, they won twelve times in the South American Championship and runner-ups in the Volleyball World Championships.

Peru has other sports that are gaining popularity like taekwondo which was introduced in the 1970s where Cesar Landeo, a black belter, is well known at this sport. In Tennis, Luis Horna and Jaime Yzaga are the most well-known Peruvian tennis players.

fans of Zarzuela Cusco fans of Zarzuela Cusco

For travelers and athletes across the world, Peru offers waves to everyone. The exciting Peru International Surfing Championship has given the locals one of the sport’s biggest and most prestigious events ever held in their country. The competition started 1956, unfortunately ended in 1974.

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