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The Pan American Games

Since 1951 the Pan American Games has been held every four years, a year prior to the Summer Olympic Games. It is a competition that has seen thousands of athletes converge every single year to represent their nations, more so considering that the competition targets all the Americas Nations.

Rugby promotion for the 2019 Pan American GamesĀ in LimaRugby promotion for the 2019 Pan American GamesĀ in Lima

Each of the hosting nations of this event is tasked with the duty of hosting both the Pan American Games together with the ParaPan American Games that are held concurrently. The host city is selected by PASO (Pan American Sports Organization), which is the governing body of the event.

The event attracts over 5,000 competing athletes in each of the 36 sports and close to 400 events. For an athlete to be able to participate, they must be citizen of the nation that they are representing and must also meet the requirements stipulated by the Olympic charter.

Buenos Aires was the city that was lucky to be the first-ever host of the competition in 1951. Only one edition of the Winter Pan American Games has been held and that was back in 1990.

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