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Myanmar (Burma) is known for different spectator and individual sports - with the most popular sports in the country being football followed closely by golf. Football is the sport everybody in Myanmar is waiting for since the change of their government in the early 90’s, and watching football is their own way of bonding and public gathering. Golf is also one of the most popular sports in Myanmar and this sport can be found all over the country.

Spectator and individual sports are not the only sports that can be found in Myanmar. The people here practice some sports that require strength and energy such as martial arts. There are various kinds of martial arts in Myanmar and the most popular of which is Lethwei. Lethwei is a form of kick boxing and is very popular.. Another popular local sport is Chinlone which is a form of ball-centric game that is very popular in the country and is played by many.

Sepak Takraw match between Myanmar and Thai athletesSepak Takraw match between Myanmar and Thai athletes

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