Sport in the Marshall Islands

This island country is near the equator located in the Pacific Ocean a little bit to the west of the International Date Line. The country’s various atolls are quite spread out which makes it hard to have a nationally recognized sport.

As with many island nations, water sports are quite popular for obvious reasons. But in Marshall Islands, there are other sports that do not include water such as table tennis, taekwondo, and even weightlifting. The Marshall Islands is also known for wrestling, producing two medals from the South Pacific Games, silver from Waylon Muller and bronze from Jeton Anjain. Baseball and softball also enjoys a good amount of following after they took the silver from the Micronesian Games.

But when it comes to team sports, basketball is quite popular among the men although there has been an increase interest in the sport among the female population of the country. However, when it comes to women, volleyball is still the most popular sport. As with women and basketball, there has also been an increase in interest among the men for the sport of volleyball. The increase of equipment availability in the country is the main contributor to the games’ accessibility for the general public and thus their popularity.

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