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Kenya is one of the founding nations of the East African Community and sports have been part of the nation’s culture since its prehistory. Sports is a way for the Kenyan to reconnect with their past and is also a means to get international acknowledgement.

African distance runners Kenyan runner Albert Yator in the lead pack

Some of the traditional sports in Kenya include wrestling, racing, hunting and even board games.  Football is the most popular sport in Kenya but their national football team has not made that much of an impact in the international stage. Some of the other popular sports in Kenya include basketball, volleyball, rugby union, swimming, baseball and softball.

With all of the sport played in Kenya, one in particular has put the country’s name on the map and that is athletics, track and field to be specific. There are a lot of Kenyans who have made a name for themselves such as David Rudisha, a World Record Holder for 800m and is one of the most dominant world champions. Kenya has racked up an impressive medal count in the Olympic Games thanks to its runners like Pamela Jalimo and Samuel Wanjiru. Kenya is also a world power when it comes to long distance running with roster of world record holders including Kipchoge Keino, Tegla Laroupe, Catherine Ndereba and Paul Tergat.

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