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Georgia was once part of the Soviet Union, and did not compete in world sport under its own name until the 1990s. Georgia is a located right in the crossroad between Eastern Europe and Western Asia and is bordered by Russia (north), Türkiye (south) and Azerbaijan (southeast). It is part of what used to be the known as the Kingdom of Iberia where physical fitness is quite valued.

Greco-Roman wrestling has a strong connection to Georgia where wrestling is the traditional sport. Lately though, Georgians have grown fond of more modern sports like rugby union, weightlifting, basketball, judo and football which is currently the most popular sport for most Georgians.

Modern football was introduced to Georgia by English sailors playing in the port of Poti located in the Black Sea.

Georgia loves physically demanding sports and different kinds of wrestling are still practiced all around the country but the most popular is the Kakhetian style. In the 19th century, Georgians also played Lelo Burti that is very similar to rugby union.

Georgia first participated as an independent state in the Olympic Games in 1994 when they joined the Winter Games held in Lillehammer, Norway. But they have been sending athletes to the Olympic Games since 1952 as part of the former Soviet Union. Not surprisingly, Georgia's biggest Olympic medal producers are wrestling and judo.

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