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This former British protectorate Bechuanaland became an independent state in 1966. The country is mostly flat and largely a desert territory which makes it perfect for certain sports like the Desert Race which is an annual motor race in July that consist of 1,000 km of some of the roughest terrain on earth. This kind of competition is not new to Botswana since they have a race of their own involving donkeys which has been happening for a really long time.

However, the most popular sport in Botswana is football, no doubt due to the British influence in the country. Other popular sports include cricket, rugby, tennis, softball, badminton, golf and track and field. As a matter of fact, their only Olympic medal since they first participated in the Olympics in 1980 is from Nijel Amos who took the silver medal for the 800m in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

He is not the only athlete that has made a name for himself in athletics. Other athletes from this country includes 800m runner, Glody Dube who had success at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Following his trail are California Molefhe and Amantle Montsho (both 400m runners), Gable Garenamotse (long jump) and finally Kabelo Kgosiemang (high jump) was a three-time African champion.

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