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UK Police Force Testing

Law enforcement recruits in the UK are required to undergo a fitness assessment as part of the recruitment process, and also for some annual tests. Below is some information about the fitness requirements and test standards. There is also informaiton about preparing yourself to pass the UK Police Fitness Test.

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UK Police Assessment Tests

Specific Fitness Tests

UK police officersWalking the beat


Some police officers in the UK are required to perform the GeNTOC test, which stands for gender-neutral timed obstacle course, a test developed by the former Royal Ulster Constabulary in Northern Ireland.

The test is designed to mimic some of the challenges faced on the job by police officers. Candidates have to negotiate a course that involves crawling on hands and knees, making a one-meter forward jump, climbing up and down stairs, walking on a narrow beam, ducking under horizontal bars, weaving in and out of slalom gates, and dragging a simulated human body. Both men and women must complete the course in three minutes 45 seconds.

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