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Manchester Police Force Testing

Recruits for the Greater Manchester Police Department are required to undergo a fitness assessment as part of the recruitment process. Below is some information about the fitness test requirements and standards. This information is presented for discussion and may be out of date - for the latest information see current official sources.

Assessment Tests

The following information is for Greater Manchester Police officers, and may not apply to other departments around the country.

Officers have to reach level 5.4 of the ‘15m bleep test’, If they succeed, they will have been able to run for 3 minutes 34 seconds. Those who fail will be given an action plan to get them fit and will be given 12 months to pass the test.

Specialist police such as riot police and firearms officers will have to achieve a tougher standard on the beep test, levels 6.3 and 10.6 respectively. 

information retrieved from online (Aug 2013)

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