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Victorian Police

Recruits for the Victorian Police Force are required to undergo a fitness assessment as part of the recruitment process. Below is some information about the fitness requirements and standards. This information is presented for discussion and may be out of date - for the latest information see official sources.

Assessment Tests

(The following information was retrieved from various sources online, beep score updated in 2012.)

New recruits will need to pass twice-yearly, including the following fitness tests .

  1. Grip strength — upper arm/forearm strength
  2. Illinois agility run — gross coordination (agility and speed) test, in 20 seconds
  3. 20 meter shuttle run (beep test) — testing Aerobic/cardiorespiratory fitness (need to achieve level 5-1)
  4. 15 meter 75 kilogram dummy drag - tests strength (legs, trunk, upper body).
  5. Do five push-ups.
  6. Hold a prone bridge for 60 seconds.
  7. Clearing an obstacle - the 1.6-meter obstacle wall that recruits had to scale has been replaced by a 1.3-meter vaulting horse.
  8. A 100-meter swim of any stroke, in under four minutes.

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