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Canadian Army Fitness Testing

The  Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) require new recruits to undergo fitness assessments as part of the recruitment process and for personnel in service. Below is some information about the fitness requirements and standards. This information is presented for discussion - for up to date information see official sources.

The FORCE Evaluation

This information applies to the Royal Canadian Navy, Canadian Army and Royal Canadian Air Force.

The Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) implemented an updated military fitness program in April, 2013 -  a universal fitness standard all Canadian Forces members must meet. The new program includes a new fitness test, called the FORCE Evaluation, which replaces the 30-year-old Canadian Forces EXPRES Test. By April 2014, the FORCE Evaluation will fully replace the CF EXPRES test.

FORCE stands for Fitnes For Operational Requirements of CF Employment.

The FORCE Evaluation has been scientifically validated and developed specifically for the CAF. Instead of the traditional push-up and sit-up tests, the FORCE Program evaluates the ability to execute tasks that are directly linked to true-to-life physical challenges faced on military operations.

The FORCE Evaluation consists of these four test components. All CAF members will be tested annually and will be required to achieve one common minimum standard, regardless of age and gender.

The FORCE evaluation includes different fitness zones and levels of incentive up to platinum. 

Battle Fitness Test

The Battle Fitness Test is a fitness test designed to simulate battle conditions, which involves a 13 km march carrying a tactical vest, helmet, rucksack and service riffle. Participants carry 55 pounds of equipment, plus their own body weight. Soldiers across Canada must take and pass this annual fitness test. The march must be completed in two hours and 26 minutes.

This information retrieved from the Moose Jaw Times Herald in Oct 2013

Old Assessment Tests

This data is from information retrieved from Canadian Press Online, Nov 2007

The fitness test consists of:

Standards are based on age and gender. For example, a male under age 35 must do 19 pushups, while a woman under age 35 must do nine. Over 35 years of age, males must do 17 sit-ups, while females must do 12.


The workplace assessment tests listed here are believed to be accurate at the time it was accessed. Testing protocols and standards are often changed. Please see official sources for accurate up to date information. If you have corrections please contact me or use the comments form below.

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