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Stick Flip Coordination Test

The stick flip test is a coordination and general motor skill test. Participants attempt to flip a stick using two other sticks.

purpose: to measure hand-eye coordination and dexterity.

equipment required: three sticks are required for each person being assessed. Each stick should be about 60 centimeters (~2 foot) long, two centimeters (~1 inch) in diameter and with tape or painted at one end.

stick flip coordination test

procedure: there are two parts to this test, one with five attempts at a half flip, the other with five attempts at a full flip. Three practice attempts are allowed before each part.

scoring: One point is awarded for each successful half-flip, two points for each successful full-flip. Add up the scores for the two test parts and see the table below for a coordination rating. The maximum possible score is 15.

rating males (total points) females (total points)
Excellent 14–15 13–15
Very Good 11–13 10–12
Fair 5–10 4–9
Poor 3–4 2–3
Very Poor 0–2 0–1

reference: Corbin CB, Lindsey R (1994). Concepts of Fitness & Wellness. as cited in Jacaranda Outcomes 1 PDHPE Preliminary Course 5th Edition (published by Wiley), Chapter 5: Physical Fitness Training and Movement Efficiency.

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