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Calculating Vertical Jump Height Using Video (Time)

The vertical jump is one of the best tests of an athlete's power output. Its an integral part of many track and field disciplines as well as ball sports such as basketball and volleyball. This article will explain how to measure vertical jump height using recorded video, based on the video timing. There is another description of measuring the jump height jump height using video.

This is one of many methods available for measuring vertical jump height - see the discussion and list of available methods.

Measuring vertical jump height using video is possible because jump height is a function of the time between take-off and landing (hang time). Using video, one can determine the hang time by subtracting the timestamp of the takeoff from the timestamp of the landing. Then, once hang time is known, the jump height is calculated using the following function:

Vertical Jump height = 0.5 x 9.81 m/s2 x (hang time / 2 )2

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How to ensure accurate analysis

To ensure accuracy of the video analysis one has to bear in mind:

Apps to measure jump height from video

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