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Brower Vertical Jump Measurement

There are many devices for measuring vertical jump height. The Brower vertical jump device is a newer method utilizing modern technology, using a touchless sensor to record jump height. The method is similar to the wall touch method, but as it senses the hand movement rather than requiring marking a mark on the wall. This also means that the subject does not need to time the jump to hit the wall at the peak, so better results will be had. It also is similar to the Vertec® device, though again there is not need to time the jump to hit the marker vanes at the peak of the jump, the jump height is measured automatically.


The device can be mounted on the side of basketball backboards with its quick clamp mounting system, on doors, on a stand or permanently mounted on walls. The device needs to be set 74, 82 or 90 inches from the ground. The detection area is 48" (1.2m) long, and can detect hand movement in an area 4 inches wide and 10 inches out from the device. Measurements can be in inches or cm, with a resolution of 0.2 inch or 0.5cm. There is a digital display, though it can also be radio linked to the Brower Timing TC System.

Using the Brower

The subject stands below the device and reaches up with one hand as far as they can (standing reach measurement). A beep will sound when the reach height is recorded. Then a maximal jump is performed, with the hand passing over the detection zone and the maximum height reached is automatically recorded and displayed.

Bower vertical jump tester Brower device for measuring vertical jump height


The Brower vertical jump height measurement system has the advantage of the similar Vertec® or wall method as there is no need to time jump to hit something at the peak. The sensors mean that the testing can be performed by the athlete themselves, with all results saved.


The cost is similar to a Vertec®, well over $500 per unit. The system do not work well outdoors in bright light. Unless the stand is used, it requires somewhere suitable to mount it.

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