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Sit and Reach Test Norms

The sit and reach test is a common measure of flexibility, and specifically measures the flexibility of the lower back and hamstring muscles. The norm values below are for the standard version of the test in which both knees are held straight.

electronic sit and reach tester

The table below gives you a general guide for expected scores (in cm and inches) for adults, when performed without a warm-up.

There are some variation is how the test is measured. In this example, the zero point is at the level of the feet (otherwise you can add 23cm or nine inches, depending on what protocol is used). 

men women
cm inches cm inches
super > +27 > +10.5 > +30 > +11.5
excellent +17 to +27 +6.5 to +10.5 +21 to +30 +8.0 to +11.5
good +6 to +16 +2.5 to +6.0 +11 to +20 +4.5 to +7.5
average 0 to +5 0 to +2.0 +1 to +10 +0.5 to +4.0
fair -8 to -1 -3.0 to -0.5 -7 to 0 -2.5 to 0
poor -20 to -9 -7.5 to -3.5 -15 to -8 -6.0 to -3.0
very poor < -20 < -7.5 < -15 < -6.0

table source: the ranges of the table are based on personal experience

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