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Jumps Decathlon Scoring Table

The Jumps Decathlon Test is a series of 10 speed and power tests, used to assess explosive power. The athlete gets three attempts at each event with the greatest distance or fastest time recorded for each trial used to determine a points value using the table below.

Scoring the Jumps Decathlon Test

Use the table below to get a points score for each of the ten tests, and add them together to determine your Jumps Decathlon Total Points. The scoring system is similar to scoring the Decathlon.

Points Standing
2 Hops
Step & Jump
2 Hops
2 Step & Jump
2 Hops
2 Steps &
2 Jumps
4 Hops
& Jump
4 Hops
& Jump
Hop in secs
5 Stride
100 3.73m 10.51m 13.00m 15.54m 19.15m 17.06m 17.67m 23.77m 2.07 7.28
99 10.43m 12.90m 15.46m 18.99m 16.91m 17.52m 23.62m
98 3.65m 10.36m 12.80m 15.39m 18.84m 16.76m 17.37m 23.46m 2.08
97 10.28m 12.69m 15.31m 18.69m 16.61m 17.22m 23.31m 7.26m
96 3.58m 10.21m 12.59m 15.08m 18.54m 16.45m 17.06m 23.16m 3.00
95 10.13m 12.49m 15.01m 18.38m 16.40m 16.96m 23.01m
94 3.50m 10.05m 12.39m 14.88m 18.23m 16.25m 16.86m 22.85m 3.01 7.23m
93 9.98m 12.29m 14.78m 18.08m 16.15m 16.76m 22.70m
92 3.42m 9.90m 12.19m 14.68m 17.93m 16.00m 16.61m 22.55m 3.02
91 9.82m 12.09m 14.57m 17.77m 15.84m 16.45m 22.35m 7.21m
90 3.35m 9.75m 11.98m 14.47m 17.62m 15.79m 16.35m 21.99m 3.03
89 9.68m 11.88m 14.37m 17.47m 15.64m 16.25m 21.79m
88 3.27m 9.60m 11.78m 14.27m 17.32m 15.54m 16.15m 21.64m 3.04 7.18m
87 9.52m 11.68m 14.17m 17.17m 15.39m 16.00m 21.48m
86 3.20m 9.44m 11.58m 14.07m 17.01m 15.23m 15.84m 21.33m 3.05
85 9.37m 11.48m 13.96m 16.91m 15.18m 15.74m 21.18m 7.16m
84 3.12m 9.29m 11.37m 13.86m 16.76m 15.03m 15.64m 21.03m 3.06
83 9.22m 11.27m 13.76m 16.66m 14.93m 15.54m 20.80m 3.07 7.13m
82 3.04m 9.14m 11.17m 13.66m 16.50m 14.83m 15.44m 20.65m 3.08
81 9.06m 11.07m 13.56m 16.35m 14.68m 15.34m 20.42m 3.09 7.11m
80 2.97m 8.99m 10.97m 13.46m 16.20m 14.57m 15.23m 20.26m 4.00
79 8.91m 10.87m 13.36m 16.10m 14.42m 15.08m 20.11m 4.02 7.08m
78 2.89m 8.83m 10.76m 13.25m 16.00m 14.32m 14.93m 19.96m 4.03
77 8.76m 10.66m 13.15m 15.84m 14.22m 14.83m 19.81m 4.04 7.06m
76 2.81m 8.68m 10.56m 13.05m 15.69m 14.07m 14.73m 19.58m 4.05 7.03m
75 8.61m 10.46m 12.95m 15.54m 13.96m 14.63m 19.43m 4.06 7.01m
74 2.74m 8.53m 10.36m 12.85m 15.39m 13.86m 14.47m 19.20m 4.07 6.95m
73 2.69m 8.45m 10.26m 12.75m 15.23m 13.71m 14.32m 19.04m 4.08 6.90m
72 2.66m 8.38m 10.15m 12.64m 15.13m 13.61m 14.22m 18.89m 4.09 6.85m
71 2.64m 8.30m 10.05m 12.49m 15.03m 13.51m 14.12m 18.74m 5.00 6.80m
70 2.61m 8.22m 9.95m 12.42m 14.88m 13.41m 14.02m 18.59m 5.01 6.75m
69 2.59m 8.15m 9.85m 12.34m 14.73m 13.25m 13.86m 18.44m 5.02 6.70m
68 2.56m 8.07m 9.75m 12.19m 14.63m 13.10m 13.71m 18.28m 5.04 6.62m
67 2.53m 8.00m 9.65m 12.09m 14.47m 13.00m 13.61m 18.13m 5.05 6.55m
66 2.51m 7.92m 9.55m 11.98m 14.32m 12.90m 13.51m 17.98m 5.06 6.47m
65 2.48m 7.84m 9.44m 11.88m 14.22m 12.80m 13.41m 17.75m 5.07 6.40m
64 2.46m 7.77m 9.34m 11.78m 14.07m 12.69m 13.30m 17.60m 5.08 6.32m
63 2.43m 7.69m 9.24m 11.68m 13.96m 12.59m 13.20m 17.37m 5.09 6.24m
62 2.41m 7.61m 9.14m 11.58m 13.81m 12.49m 13.10m 17.22m 6.00 6.17m
61 2.38m 7.54m 9.04m 11.48m 13.71m 12.34m 12.95m 17.06m 6.01 6.09m
60 2.36m 7.46m 8.94m 11.37m 13.56m 12.19m 12.80m 16.91m 6.02 6.01m
59 2.33m 7.39m 8.83m 11.27m 13.41m 12.03m 12.64m 16.76m 6.03 5.94m
58 2.31m 7.31m 8.73m 11.17m 13.25m 11.88m 12.49m 16.53m 6.05 5.86m
57 2.28m 7.23m 8.63m 11.07m 13.10m 11.78m 12.39m 16.38m 6.06 5.79m
56 2.26m 7.16m 8.53m 10.97m 12.95m 11.68m 12.29m 16.15m 6.07 5.71m
55 2.23m 7.08m 8.45m 10.87m 12.60m 11.58m 12.19m 16.00m 6.08 5.63m
54 2.20m 7.01m 8.38m 10.76m 12.64m 11.48m 12.09m 15.84m 6.09 5.56m
53 2.18m '6.93m 8.30m 10.66m 12.49m 11.37m 11.98m 15.69m 7.00 5.48m
52 2.15m 6.85m 8.22m 10.56m 12.34m 11.27m 11.58m 15.54m 7.01 5.41m
51 2.13m 6.78m 8.15m 10.46m 12.19m 11.17m 11.42m 15.39m 7.02 5.33m
50 2.10m 6.70m 8.07m 10.36m 12.03m 11.07m 11.27m 15.23m 7.03 5.25m
49 2.08m 6.62m 8.00m 10.26m 11.88m 10.97m 11.17m 15.08m 7.04 5.18m
48 2.05m 6.55m 7.92m 10.15m 11.73m 10.87m 11.07m 14.93m 5.13m
47 2.03m 6.47m 7.84m 10.05m 11.58m 10.76m 10.97m 14.78m 7.05 5.07m
46 2.00m 6.40m 7.77m 9.95m 11.42m 10.66m 10.82m 14.63m 5.02m
45 1.98m 6.32m 7.69m 9.85m 11.27m 10.56m 10.66m 14.47m 7.07 4.97m
44 1.95m 6.24m 7.61m 9.75m 11.17m 10.46m 10.51m 14.32m 4.92m
43 1.93m 6.17m 7.54m 9.65m 11.07m 10.36m 10.36m 14.17m 7.08 4.87m
42 1.90m 6.09m 7.46m 9.55m 10.97m 10.26m 10.21m 14.02m 4.82m
41 1.87m 6.01m 7.39m 9.44m 10.87m 10.15m 10.05m 13.86m 7.09 4.77m
40 1.85m 5.94m 7.31m 9.34m 10.76m 10.05m 9.90m 13.71m 4.72m
39 1.82m 5.86m 7.23m 9.24m 10.66m 9.95m 9.75m 13.56m 8 4.67m
38 1.80m 5.79m 7.16m 9.14m 10.56m 9.85m 9.60m 13.41m 4.62m
37 1.77m 5.71m 7.08m 9.04m 10.46m 9.75m 9.44m 13.25m 8.01 4.57m
36 1.75m 5.63m 7.01m 8.94m 10.36m 9.65m 9.34m 13.10m 4.52m
35 1.72m 5.56m 6.93m 8.83m 10.26m 9.55m 9.24m 12.95m 8.02 4.47m
34 1.70m 5.48m 6.85m 8.73m 10.15m 9.44m 9.14m 12.80m 4.41m
33 1.67m 5.41m 6.78m 8.63m 10.05m 9.34m 9.04m 12.64m 8.03 4.36m
32 1.65m 5.33m 6.70m 8.53m 9.95m 9.24m 8.94m 12.49m 4.31m
31 1.62m 5.25m 6.62m 8.43m 9.85m 9.14m 8.83m 12.34m 8.04 4.26m
30 1.60m 5.18m 6.55m 8.33m 9.75m 9.04m 8.73m 12.19m 4.21m
29 1.57m 5.10m 6.47m 8.22m 9.65m 8.94m 8.63m 12.03m 8.05 4.16m
28 1.54m 5.02m 6.40m 8.12m 9.55m 8.83m 8.53m 11.88m 4.11m
27 1.52m 4.95m 6.32m 8.02m 9.44m 8.73m 8.43m 11.73m 8.06 4.06m
26 1.49m 4.87m 6.24m 7.92m 9.34m 8.63m 8.33m 11.58m 4.01m
25 1.47m 4.80m 6.17m 7.82m 9.24m 8.53m 8.22m 11.42m 8.07 3.96m
24 1.44m 4.72m 6.09m 7.72m 9.14m 8.43m 8.12m 11.27m 3.91m
23 1.42m 4.64m 5.99m 7.61m 9.04m 8.33m 8.02m 11.12m 3.86m
22 1.39m 4.57m 5.89m 7.51m 8.94m 8.22m 7.92m 10.97m 8.09 3.80m
21 1.37m 4.49m 5.79m 7.41m 8.83m 8.12m 7.82m 10.82m 3.75m
20 1.34m 4.41m 5.68m 7.31m 8.73m 8.02m 7.72m 10.66m 3.70m
19 1.29m 4.26m 5.58m 7.21m 8.63m 7.92m 7.61m 10.51m 9 3.65m
18 1.26m 4.19m 5.48m 7.11m 8.53m 7.82m 7.51m 10.36m 3.60m
17 1.24m 4.11m 5.38m 7.01m 8.43m 7.72m 7.41m 10.21m 3.55m
16 1.21m 4.03m 5.28m 6.90m 8.33m 7.61m 7.31m 10.05m 9.01 3.50m
15 1.19m 3.96m 5.18m 6.80m 8,22m 7.51m 7.21m 9.90m 3.45m
14 1.16m 3.88m 5.07m 6.70m 8,12m 7.41m 7.11m 9.75m 3.40m
13 1.14m 3.80m 4.97m 6.60m 8,02m 7.31m 7.01m 9.60m 9.02 3.35m
12 1.11m 3.73m 4.87m 6.50m 7.92m 7.21m 6.90m 9.44m 3.25m
11 1.09m 3.65m 4.77m 6.40m 7.82m 7.1Im 6.80m 9.29m 3.14m
10 1.06m 3.58m 4.67m 6.29m 7.72m 7.01m 6.70m 9.14m 9.03 3.04m
9 1.04m 3.50m 4.57m 6.19m 7.61m 6.90m 6.60m 8.99m 2.94m
8 1.01m 3.42m 4.47m 6.09m 7.51m 6.80m 6.50m 8.83m 2.84m
7 0.99m 3.35m 4.36m 5.99m 7.41m 6.70m 6.40m 8.68m 9.04 2.74m
6 0.96m 3.27m 4.26m 5.89m 7.31m 6.60m 6.29m 8.53m 2.64m
5 0.93m 3.20m 4.16m 5.79m 7.21m 6.50m 6.19m 8.38m 2.53m
4 0.91m 3.12m 4.06m 5.68m 7.11m 6.40m 6.09m 8.22m 9.05 2.43m
3 0.88m 3.04m 3.96m 5.58m 7.01m 6.29m 5.99m 8.07m 2.33m
2 0.86m 2.97m 3.86m 5.48m 6.90m 6.19m 5.89m 7.92m 2.21m
1 0.60m 2.89m 3.75m 5.38m 6.70m 6.09m 5.79m 7.77m 9.06 2.13m


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