Athletic Standard Index

With a few key physical measurements and three performance-screening tests, Athletic Standard test scores are combined to a single number, the AS Index (ASI). The Athletic Standard is an example of a test protocol that combines the scores of a range of tests into a single score or fitness index (see other examples), which attempts to provide simple meaningful feedback to the athlete.

What Tests Are Used?


The scores from each of the fitness tests are converted to a single AS Index score, using their own algorithm. Average AS Index scores for high school-age students who don’t play sports range from 325 to 450. A Division III athlete will score between 700-900, while Division I athletes will score around 1500. Elite talent scores at 1700 and above.

What Makes the AS Index Unique?


This fitness index is simple to implement using only a few fitness tests, enabling them to test large groups at once. It is great that it is always free fro the athlete, so all athletes have the opportunity to be tested and noticed. The results are only applicable to power sports, based on the tests that are used. As per the similar SPARQ rating system, the formula used to calculate the score and the method they used to derive the formula has not published and unfortunately cannot be scrutinized.

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