the Australian Home Fitness Testing Kit

The Australian Home Fitness Testing Kit is an example of a home fitness testing kit that was produced in Australia in 1984. The kit contained a booklet, sphygmomanometer, skinfold caliper, flexibility tester, tape measure, and sound cassette. The items came in a fitted foam box measuring 38 x 21 x 16cms.

Without having seen the booklet that came with the fitness testing kit, it is not obvious what all the tests are which comprise this home testing kit. We have made some guesses based on the items included.

Kit Item Details

home fitness testing kit Australia

Publication Details

'The Australian home fitness test: measuring up for better health', authors Garry Egger and Nigel Champion. Published by the Centre for Health Promotion and Research in co-operation with the Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation (ACHPER), 1984. Cammeray, N.S.W. Reprint by Allen & Unwin, 1989.

On the box is written 'The fitness leader'.


home fitness testing manualHome Fitness Testing Manual

Download your free copy of the Home Fitness Testing Manual — a guide for you to plan, conduct, analyze and interpret fitness testing at home.

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