AIS Sports Draft

AIS Sports Draft is a program developed by the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), and is part of Australia's Winning Edge - High Performance Strategy. The Sports Draft program aims to identify athletes with the untapped potential to make the Olympic and Commonwealth Games. Over the years the AIS has run various talent identification programs with great success. Previously there was the online eTID program.

The AIS Sports Draft for boxing and judo was officially launched in October 2013, initially focused on combat sports such as Judo and Boxing. Trials were conducted around Australia. For example, regional judo testing included completing a beep test, 20m sprint, vertical jump, push-ups, seated medicine ball throw and core strength and agility tests. The top candidates were invited to a five-day camp at the AIS in Canberra, with some of them offered 12 months of expert coaching and training under the supervision of a national coach.

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