Water Polo in other Languages

The sport we know as water polo is not necessarily called by the same name around the world. Here are the names for water polo in many of the languages of the world. The names are taken from the Wikipedia page for water polo in each of these languages. You will notice that many of the names appear to be phonetic spelling of water polo in the other languages.

Name by Language

Language Name for the sport of water polo
Afrikaans Waterpolo
Albanian Vaterpoloja
Anglo-Saxon Wæterþōðer
Arabic كرة الماء
Aragonese Waterpolo
Armenian Ջրագնդակ
Asturian Water-polo
Azerbaijani Su polosu
Bashkir Һыуҙа туп уйнау
Basque Waterpolo
Belarusian Воднае пола
Belarusian Воднае пола
Bengali ওয়াটার পোলো
Bosnian Vaterpolo
Bulgarian Водна топка
Burmese ဝါးတားပိုလိုကစားခြင်း
Cantonese 水球
Catalan Waterpolo
Chinese 水球
Croatian Vaterpolo
Czech Vodní pólo
Danish Vandpolo
Dutch Waterpolo
Eastern Punjabi ਵਾਟਰ ਪੋਲੋ
Egyptian Arabic كورة الميه
English Water polo
Esperanto Akvopilkado
Estonian Veepall
Finnish Vesipallo
French Water-polo
Galician Wáter-polo
Georgian წყალბურთი
German Wasserball
Greek Υδατοσφαίριση
Hebrew כדורמים
Hungarian Vízilabda
Icelandic Sundknattleikur
Indonesian Polo air
Irish Póló uisce
Italian Pallanuoto
Japanese 水球
Kazakh Су добы
Komi Васяр
Korean 수구
Latin Folliludium aquatile
Latvian Ūdenspolo
Ligurian Ballaneuo
Limburgish Waterpolo
Lithuanian Vandensvydis
Low Saxon Waterball
Luxembourgish Waasserball
Macedonian Ватерполо
Malay Polo air
Malayalam വാട്ടർ പോളോ
Marathi वॉटर पोलो
Meadow Mari Вӱд поло
Min Nan Chúi-kiû
Newar / Nepal Bhasa वाटर पोलो
Norwegian Vannpolo
Occitan Vater pòlo
Papiamentu Waterpolo
Persian واترپلو
Polish Piłka wodna
Portuguese Polo aquático
Romanian Polo pe apă
Russian Водное поло
Sardinian Pallanuoto
Scots Watter polo
Scottish Gaelic Uisge-polo
Serbian Ватерполо
Serbo-Croatian Vaterpolo
Slovak Vodné pólo
Slovene Vaterpolo
Spanish Waterpolo
Swedish Vattenpolo
Tagalog Water polo
Tamil நீர்ப் பந்தாட்டம்
Tatar Су тубы
Thai โปโลน้ำ
Turkish Sutopu
Ukrainian Водне поло
Urdu واٹر پولو
Uzbek Vaterpolo
Vietnamese Bóng nước (thể thao)
Wu 水球

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