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Unicycle Football

Unicycle football is a variation of American football in which players move around the field using a unicycle. The game was invented by a Texas native Marcus Garland in 2008. Though not as fast-paced as regular football, unicycle football is no short of action and intensity.

Games can be played on, parking lots, indoor arenas, or anywhere where there is space available. The surface has to be suitable for riding a unicycle. The number of players can be from 4-11 depending on the size of the field. A regular sized football is used for playing the game and players are required to wear helmets.

The objective of the sport, similar to football, is to move the ball across the entire length of the field. There is a quarterback who can pass the ball forward once during each play, and all other passes can only be backward passes. The game can be played in a tackle of flag format, depending on what the teams agree as required for end of play.

As surprising as it may sound, the game that hardly anyone knows about has a league, called the Unicycle Football League, in which nine teams compete to play a 56-game season every year.

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