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Underwater Cycling

Underwater cycling, as evident from its name, is a sport that involves riding a bicycle under water. It is an extremely difficult sport that requires high level of strength and endurance.

underwater scuba diving underwater scuba diving at Mallorca. photo credit: Olivier Borgognon (

Underwater cycling can be done in a swimming pool or on the beds of oceans or lakes. Riders used specially designed dense bicycles and wear scuba diving equipment to take part.

There are a few types of underwater cycling races. The most common type of race is for riding the farthest distance. In this type of race, each contestant individually ride a course with their own crew and record their distance and timings. The stats are then validated and accepted.

There are also races that test for speed, where riders individually record the time taken to complete a fixed distance.

There are also direct races for underwater cycling in which a fixed number of riders simultaneously compete on a specially designed course with multiple turns. The courses are usually about half a mile long, and the objective is to reach the finish line first.

Irrespective of the type of race, the riders at any point are not allow to put their feet on to the ground, failing which results in a disqualification.

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