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Ultimate Tazer Ball

Ultimate Tazer Ball is a kind of extreme and crazy sport that not many would have heard off or believe that it is true. It involves players carrying a real taser gun and using it on opponents to gain possession of the ball. If you are thinking, who would have come up with such an idea?, the honors goes to three California natives Leif Kellenberger, Eric Prum and Erik Wunsch.

The game is played on a 200 x 85 feet field. The ball used is a large 24 inch diameter inflated ball. The objective of the sport is to successfully carry the ball onto the opponents goalpost without getting tased en-route.

Rather than allowing players to go wild with their stun guns, the game fortunately has a rule that only players that have possession of the ball can be tased. The stun guns used emits a maximum of five milliamps, enough to cause muscle spasms to give up the ball, but well under the 1amp lethal dose and hence causes no permanent damage.

It's not hard to imagine that the sport was not well received. People would rather play than get tased and fall on their face. The founders however seem to be working towards getting a minor league going for the sport.

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