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Three-Legged Races

A three-legged race is a children's competition conducted in pairs, in which a leg from each competitor is tied to their partner. There are no formal or professional competitions for three-legged races. Races are usually conducted during festivals and school sports days.

Instructions for conducting a 3-legged race

The children are divided into pairs, ideally matching children of similar height and build. Each competitor stands next to their partner and puts their arm around their waist. The inside legs are brought together, and a rope is used to tie them together. Line all the pairs up, and race to a finish line. Some practice may be required first, as it requires concentration to move the legs in symmetry.


The fastest three-legged marathon (female) is 3 hr 47 min 19 sec by Victoria Carter and Sarah Dudgeon, achieved at the London Marathon in 2016. In the 2003 London half-marathon, the fastest half-marathon was completed by Alastair and Nick Benbow in 1 hr 37 min 53 sec.

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