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A German sport called Sporthocking is known to be a mix of skateboarding and sitting down. The sport involves a participant performing acts which could be spinning, kicking, throwing, juggling, sliding, etc. and slamming their bottoms down on a stool at the end to show the maneuver is complete.

The apparatus that is being used for Sporthocking includes a colorful plastic stool with linings made of rubber.

This “extreme sitting” sport was invented in 2007 by German brothers Michael and Stephen Landschutz. They said that enthusiasts of street sports would love their stool because it’s lightweight but heavy duty, which allows the “hockerer” to perform a wide range of tricks but also offers a convenient sitting down position.

The goal of this stool-based sport is to perform as many tricks and as hard tricks as possible together while on their stool.   

Hannes Roth, a member of the official Sporthocking team run by the Landschutz brothers, said that he was fascinated by Sporthocking when he saw it during a juggling convention.

This new German sport-craze was even nominated by a sports industry trade show for best new product of 2014.

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